Clarity Inspires Growth

About us is brought to you by Diligencia, the most sought after provider of organisation information on MENA, Iran and Sub-Saharan Africa. Established in 2008, we are researchers and curators of hard facts, operating in territories where public information is not readily available. Headquartered in Oxford, Diligencia has offices in Morocco and the UAE, coordinating our data gathering activities across the ME and Africa. Click here to find out more.

Why ClarifiedBy?

At Diligencia we commit our entire resources to accessing and clarifying accurate information from authentic sources. Our mission is to provide our clients a clear view of the facts and a solid foundation for their decision-making.

Where you see the ClarifiedBy asterisk, a universal sign used to point readers to an explanation of detail or a source, you can be assured that the information provided is reliable and accurate. Read more about our research methodology here.

ClarifiedBy collaboration

We want the facts presented on to help inform decisions, affirm relationships and ultimately support the economies we serve. That can only be fully achieved with the consent and collaboration of all the partners in our community ecosystem.

Organisations therefore have the opportunity to get listed on our site and use their ClarifiedBy accreditation to build trusted relationships with their clients, partners and across their supply chain.

In the same way, the more data organisations contribute to our community, the more information about other organisations they can access from, with the additional benefits of an enhanced profile and increased opportunities for their business.